What are Sketchy Portraits?

Sketchy Portraits have a loose painting style with lively brush strokes and blocks of colour. The idea of these portraits is to capture the subject without getting too involved in the details. It may retain elements of the initial sketch markings and details are hinted at with expression rather than refined. Once I feel the subject has been captured, the painting will be finished with a background was of complimentary colour.

Although created with software simulated tools, all work is created by hand using traditional techniques, such that the style is unique to the artist. My process does not involve any photo manipulation, filters or Photoshop.

The finished product includes a signed 10×8 inch fine art print and your own personal copy of the digital artwork file. Extra prints available separately.

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husky sketchy portrait

Painting the Picture

Work in progress shots for “Tinks & Bella”, painted from two separate photos. Once I have the initial composition sketched, the painting moves quite quickly. I roughly block out areas of key tones with a large oil style brush, then go back over to add texture and some finer details.



Cat portrait painting
Tinks & Bella