What are Creative Portraits?

Creative portraits¬†are what this site is really about and why it was started – to have fun making something personal and individual. You choose a theme and I will use it to elaborate your portrait composition. A theme could be as simple as a person’s hobby or sporting interest or a wildly perceived personification of their personality.

If your pet was a celebrity or movie character, who would they be? If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Maybe your wife is queen of cake baking or your dad is king of the BBQ? Put your imagination in motion then let me know!

The finished product includes a signed 10×8 inch fine art print and your own personal copy of the digital artwork file. Extra prints available separately.


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Miss Kung Fu

I want to be a Kung Fu master


Can you make me IronMan?!


Just make me massive…

Development Process

This series of images shows the development of a painting. In this case for the Ironman themed portrait pictured above.





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