I understand that the end product is a high quality print from a digital image file created by means of drawing with computer software and a graphics tablet. The size of the delivered print will be 10×8 inches and you will also receive a high resolution version of the artwork created.

I understand that drawing and painting are creative and subjective processes and do not expect photo-realistic interpretation of images provided. The end painting is the result of the style and brush strokes represented by the artist whom created them.

Where purchasing digital files, refunds are not accepted since by nature, it is not a product that can be returned. Physical products, such as prints, maybe returned if not found in acceptable condition and where possible, will be replaced.
All copyrights reserved for commercial uses. Artwork services may not be resold without prior permission, used as promotional material or passed as another person’s work.

The customer may have the file reproduced for any personal use such as printing to canvas for home display or gift.

The image may be used as a profile picture on any social network, personal website or blog. If sharing on social networks it would be much appreciated if a link back to my website or page is displayed as a reference to the source of the artwork.

Under no circumstances must this painting service be used to obtain material which is then passed off as the work of another person or service and sold as original artwork.