A ‘fan art’ portrait of, the character, Kevin Corchoran in the Love film series “Copper”. I have always had an affinity for the warm hues of low lighting. I guess the early inspiration for this aspect is the work of Leeds artist, Atkinson Grimshaw – famous for his moody, dim oil paintings of Boar Lane.

I started the painting off just as a study of the lighting from a screen capture. An initial rough sketch and then laying down some loose areas of colour with large a large oil brush and a roller to to quickly set the scene in the background. I restrained from over working this it as I felt the shaky strokes captured the movement of flickering candle light.

Print Size: 10×8 inches.


A digital portrait painting of Kevin “Corky” Corchoran from the TV series “Copper”. Using this colour palette of murky oranges and browns, I worked quickly to create a loose piece with lively brush strokes in attempt to convey the flickering candle light.

Corky, 10×8 inch print on premium fine art paper.


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