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Artwork illustrated from an original photo, given with the theme of "Playground".


Man's best friend. Whole lot of fun. Weapon of mass destruction. 


Custom Artwork Powered by Your Imagination

My Digital Painting is a fun, creative artwork service providing portrait painting from your provided photos. An affordable range of customised, original artworks in a simple variety of styles unique to the artist. Each artwork, though created with digital software, is drawn completely by hand for a result that sees traditional portrait painting meet modern technology. No filters or 'photoshopping' are involved in the painting of the artwork. The style produced is a direct translation of natural markings made by the artist. Each portrait order includes a 10x8 inch print on premium textured art paper as well as a digital copy for your own keeping and use. Every print is made individually by the artist and signed by hand.

What's your superhero? 

ironman sketch
Creative portrait, IronJay WIP2
IronJay, creative portrait
Creative portrait, IronJay WIP4

Artwork Styles

The concise product listing offers a range of artwork detail, from "Sketchy Portraits" which are created quickly with loose brush strokes to "Creative Portraits" which are much more involved and developed with your chosen theme. Please select a portrait style above to find out more and see examples.

My Digital Painting portraits make excellent personalised gifts. Sketchy portraits are particularly popular as a fun, simple option for pet portraits. The loose style and texture of the hand created markings have the look of a real painting, especially when finished with a chunky mount in a minimal or rustic style frame. Creative portraits are great for the movie and video game lovers which can be inspired by iconic characters and costumes. You can work with the artist to share your ideas and develop a custom piece of artwork that has visual quality whilst containing creative fun and personal relevance.

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